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18 continuous
Medical Education (CME)
credits will be provided


Time: 9:00 am-13:00 pm
Divani-Caravel Hotel, Vas. Alexandrou 2, Athens

For more information contact with:
Congress Secretariat "EPSILON"
Phone number: +3210-7254360-2, Fax: +3210-7254363

The Hellenic Society for the Study of Hypertension is announcing its 20th annual series of seminars. This year a total of 22 experts in hypertension will participate in the educational schedule. The invited speakers were selected according to their expertise and instructional skills. Each one of the 6 seminars is divided into two parts: an initial theoretical part, during which up-to-date theoretical and practical information will be provided. This is followed by the practical part, during which selected case studies of hypertensive persons with therapeutic issues related to the theoretical part will be discussed on a step by step approach. The audience will participate actively through an electronic voting system and the experts will comment on the proposed multiple choices and justify the correct actions.

Like last year, in the end of every seminar an optional written examination with multiple choice questions will take place. Multiple choice tests will be based on the topics of the seminars. The first 3 winners will be awarded by the Hellenic Society for the Study of Hypertension with prizes which will further contribute to the participants' education.

In the 1st seminar, hypertension in children and adolescents will be discussed and the new European guidelines on the management of hypertension will be presented. In the same session the impact of environmental factors on hypertension will be discussed in detail.

The 2nd seminar will be devoted in the pharmaceutical management of hypertension and among other issues, the new guidelines of the European Society of Hypertension will be presented.

In the 3rd seminar, the correlation of hypertension with two important target-organs, the heart and the kidney, will be analysed.

The subject of the 4th seminar will be the many different forms that hypertension can take, as well as the newer techniques for the measurement of blood pressure.

In the 5th seminar the most common forms of secondary hypertension and their diagnostic approach will be presented.

The 6th seminar will deal with other risk factors that usually coexist in hypertensive persons, and the rational administration of antiplatelet and antithrombotic therapy.

Abstracts and selected slides from the presentations of this new series will be available through the society's website after the completion of each seminar.

As with the previous series, the current program presents for each seminar the content, the titles of presentations, the names of the speakers, the educational objectives and the knowledge and therapeutic skills that the participating physicians are expected to acquire. The discussion of many case studies and the use of multiple choice questions, as well as electronic voting system are expected to enhance active participation of the audience. These will eventually help accomplishing the ultimate goal of the seminar, which is the improved performance of the physicians in managing hypertension in everyday clinical practice.


1st - 21 November 2009
2nd - 19 December 2009
3rd - 23 January 2010
4th - 27 February 2010
5th - 13 March 2010
6th - 17 April 2010