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Efstratios Varsamis
Physician of Internal Medicine
Director of the 2nd Department of Internal Medicine
Konstantopouleio General Hospital "Agia Olga"
  • He was graduated at the Medical School of the University of Athens (1969). He worked at "Laiko" Hospital in Athens, at NIMTS General Hospital and at "Konstantopouleio" Genral Hospital, "Agia Olga" Athens, in the post of Director of the 2nd dpt of Internal Medicine, for the last 20 years. He was employed also for a total period of four years in the United Kingdom at the hospitals Barnet General Hospital in Northern London, SGI at Stafford, PGH at Leeds in Yorkshire and at St Thomas Hospital in London.
  • He possesed the specialty of Internal Medicine and Cardiology and the diploma of Clinical Hypertension Specialist of the European Society of Hypertension. He has acquired also the diploma of ECFMG of the USA and ΜD of the University of Athens.
  • He was trained at the Hypertension Unit of the Medical School of London University at St George's Hospital. He is a writer of the Medical textbook "The treatment of Hypertension" (400 pages, 3nd edition) He took part in 80 papers published in Greek and non-Greek medical Journals as well as in 220 presentations in Greek and International congresses, most of them were concerning Hypertension. He performed 120 lectures in various medical meetings, the vast majority of them concerned Hypertension.
  • He is vice president of the Hellenic Society for Studying Hypertension. During the last years he was member of various medical councils such as a chairman of the committee for drug's evaluation of the Greek National Drug Organization, Chairman of the Medical Council of the 2nd Regional area of Hospitals in Athens, member of the examining board for the specialty of Internal Medicine, member of the committee of Central Health Service of Greece, member of the disciplinary committee of the Athens Medical Association and others.
"Agia Olga" Athens,
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